Jason Ng

Access Macquarie (AMQ) is the commercial development arm of Macquarie University. I was tasked to redesign the website with the goal of bringing the AMQ brand back in line with the university's brand, whilst maintaining a corporate look and feel that speaks for their roots in commercial development. This is website is built on HTML and CSS without a content management system and involved the consultation of multiple stakeholders from different departments including HR, finance, eLearning and senior management.

Access Macquarie Limited

A final case study page

Access Macquarie Limited

Some early wireframes

Content Architecture

AMQ is a diversified business maintaining a number of major business units under it's umbrella such as consulting, research, training, the IELTS Test Centre, the Macquarie University English Language Centre, the MindSpot Clinic and more.

Re-organising the content architecture of the site was done to highlight AMQ's primary purpose - the transformation of University expertise into commercial projects. This was achieved through creating case study pages that showcased AMQ's various projects. These pages demonstrated project size, expertise used and measurable results. I also created featured profiles of various academics whose expertise has been successfully applied in AMQ's projects.