Jason Ng

Aha Education (Now HSC Study Lab) is an online learning program created and supported by Macquarie University. In 2014 we were tasked with creating an online learning program for HSC students. My role primarily involved branding and creative direction, but also branched out into UI design, front-end development, prototyping and pitching to senior management


As an experimental project we were briefed to create a new brand separate from the university, based on the idea of the 'aha moment'. From this we developed 'Aha Education', an innovative learning environment that consisted of high production value video content, engaging interactive activities and practice exercises, all based on the latest in learning science.

Aha Education Homepage

Initial homepage mockup

Creative Direction

Working with and alongside elearning developers, external video production contractors and graphic designers, we created hundreds of pieces of content, from videos to interactive activities and practice questions. Creative direction involved developing brand guidelines, liasing with designers and providing feedback to external contractors.

Aha Education Homepage
Aha Education Homepage

Creative direction on video graphics, typography and colour usage (original footage by Glentier)

Aha Education Homepage
Aha Education Homepage

UI design for interactive activities (in collaboration with Matt Callaghan and Minh Teh)

Aha Education Homepage

Internal lesson page mockup

Front End Development

I worked with a backend developer and project manager to develop the front-end of the website and program, developed on the Wordpress platform.


In addition to product development, I was also highly involved in a marketing capacity, developing the marketing website and providing support to user testing groups with local high school students, attending conventions to promote the product, developing promotional campaigns and pitching to senior management.


We took the project from conception to launch in an 18 month window. With a small core team operating in start-up mode, we had to wear many hats, utilising and number of skills, from design, development, marketing, branding and creative direction, unified around the goal of creating the best product possible.