Jason Ng

IELTS Online is an online learning program for students preparing for the IELTS test, developed and supported by Macquarie University. I was tasked to audit the existing site and recommend changes that could improve the site and potentially increase conversions.

IELS Online

Homepage design (this website has since been redesigned)

Search Engine Optimisation

Analysis via Google Webmaster tools revealed that a previous overhaul of the website had resulted in a number of broken links and missing pages that were once indexed by Google. With no redirection strategy in place, IELTS Online was loosing a significant amount of organic search traffic. By implementing redirects and/or recreating lost pages, we were able to recover lost traffic and boost sales.

Content Architecture

Analysing search terms that brought the most traffic into the site helped build an understanding of target audience behaviour. Many students studying the IELTS test would search for practice papers and specific modules or questions related to the test.

Using this information I modified the content architecture of the site, creating landing pages SEO optimised for these key terms, designing the content to tease the visitor with useful practice questions that would funnel them into sales pages.


To enhance the effectiveness of the SEO and content architecture changes, I redesigned the website, creating a cleaner, more cohesive look. I also created more comprehensive course pages that gave users an outline of what they will learn in each course and screenshots of special features. This increased transparency and trust of the product so users would know exactly what they were paying for.


The combination of changes resulted in a doubling of website traffic and revenue within a 6 month period.