Jason Ng

Jaywalker Pictures is a personal project to build a social media brand based on my passion for art, illustration, design and storytelling. It currently has an audience of over 35,000 and consists of a YouTube channel, a series of webcomics, an Instagram account and merch store.




Geometree - A painting about growth, talent and hardwork.

Digital Strategy

To build the brand I began with a digital strategy. Carefully choosing which social networks to maximise audience growth and ways I could atomise content across them. I then developed my own unique art style, aesthetic and storytelling style based on a core set of values to guide the creation of content.

A key part of growing the brand was to focus on natural organic growth without any paid promotion. The goal of Jaywalker Pictures is to develop an authentic connection with young artists and designers through education, inspiring and entertaining content.

Audience Growth

(Jul - Dec 2016)

Content Creation

So far, over 50 comics have been published with a readership of over 6000. On my YouTube channel I have produced over 50 videos and total views exceed 1.9 million. I have also uploaded countless paintings and drawings to my Tumblr and Instagram accounts that serve to bolster my brand values and aesthetic.

Jaywalker Pictures

YouTube Channel has over 1.9 million views

Jaywalker Pictures

Videos topics targeted at young artists and designers

Jaywalker Pictures

Instagram - Showcasing the unique visual aesthetic of the brand


Monetisation consists of diversified income streams - advertising revenue, sale of merchandise and/or digital products, crowdfunding, sponsorships and commissions.


Jaywalker Pictures Store
Jaywalker Pictures Poster
Jaywalker Pictures Poster
Jaywalker Pictures Poster


The Jaywalker Pictures online store launched in March 2018 and is built on the Shopify platform. Products include prints, shirts, phone cases and pillows. Product packaging includes custom labels, packaging and reciepts.

Both YouTube and Tapastic have advertising programs that reward creators immediately. Revenue streams such as merchandise, sponsorships and crowd funding via Patreon are slowly growing more lucrative as my total audience size grows. An example of a commission is recent work done for Indeed.com's social media advertising campaigns "Find People Faster" and "Job Happy". Channel sponsorship with New York based education start-up SkillShare also adds another stream of income.

Audience Size

(March 2017)

Total Audience Size
Media Spend


In 18 months, Jaywalker Pictures has grown a highly targeted audience of over 30,000 across social media with no media spend. It will continue to grow towards 100k via content strategy and collaborations, while developing sales funnels and using storytelling to turn viewers into advocates of the brand.


YouTube channel - 44 subscribers to 20,000 within eight months
A highly engaged audience - 900,000 views with average audience retention of 51% (average is 30%)
Selected for Indeed.com Marketing Campaign Lab
Featured on Tumblr Radar - June 2016
Featured in Tapastic’s Daily Snack - July 2016
Line Webtoon Recommended Title - Aug 2016
Senior Winner - Sydney Manga and Anime Show Digital Art Competition 2016